Types of Mattresses

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Mattress Dealzz offers a wide assortment of mattress types including conventional open coil, low motion wrapped coil, premium memory foam, and latex mattress products.  No matter your budget we have your sleep solution. With Utah’s largest mattress selection, you can rest assured you will find the comfort level you are looking for at a price that’s just right for your budget.

Our sleep products have been designed with you, our customers, in mind. Taking advantage of our relationships, experience and expertise in the mattress industry, we have worked closely with several mattress factories around the country dictating what components are to be used in every product introduced in our showrooms. We are not only involved in the product development and design but also have complete control of where each component is sourced from, ensuring the finished products are of the highest quality possible. The end results are mattresses that are superior at every price point, giving you the absolute best mattress value in the market place. It is only then that we proudly place our Mattress Dealzz name and ZZZ’s Collection brand on each model.

From coil counts, upholstery components, edge enhancements, to full non prorated warranties, our products are in a class all by themselves.

Additionally, we offer partial edge enhancements and full foam encasements with both memory foam and latex components. These features are introduced at much lower price points than any of our competitors.

“Mattress Dealzz offers premium features at affordable, everyday low prices”

We have identified what mattress components cause body impressions and designed our ZZZ’s Collection products free of these items.

·         We DO NOT USE fiber or batting material. Other mattress manufacturers use inexpensive Dacron fiber or other batting materials. They then place the fiber between the top layer of fabric and first layer of foam to enhance the feel and sometimes even hide lower quality foam components. This problematic layer of fiber is prone to compress quickly, causing unwanted impressions.

Mattress Dealzz ZZZ’s Collection products use zero fiber components, allowing the sleeper to feel the full support and comfort of premium, super soft foams.

  We DO NOT USE egg crate / convoluted foams. Other mattress manufacturers use convoluted foams in an effort to enhance the profile of their products. When in fact convoluted foam is a major contributor to body impressions. Convoluted foam is produced by taking a two inch thick piece of foam and running it through a convoluting machine effectively splitting the foam into two, one inch pieces (Diagram 1.1).  Each piece has peaks and valleys that mirror the other. When turning the pieces the same direction with either peak up or down, a two inch piece of foam now becomes three inches.

In the mattress industry we call this “false loft”.  It is a cheap way for a manufacturer to increase the profile of a given mattress. The end results are thousands of air pockets taking the place of solid foam which increases the opportunity for body impressions. (See illustration below).

Mattress Dealzz ZZZ’s Collection products use only pure, premium, solid foams ensuring a durable, long lasting sleep product.

·         We incorporate lumbar enhancements on several of our models. Unlike other mattress manufacturers, our ZZZ’s Collection products utilize lumbar panel reinforcements at affordable price points. Regardless of your dominate sleeping position – stomach, back or side – everyone needs proper lumbar support. Mattresses without lumbar enhancements tend to develop body impressions more readily, causing discomfort from lack of support.

Mattress Dealzz ZZZ’s Collection products utilize both memory foam and Talalay latex lumbar components which offer additional structural support.