Power Foundations

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If you thought that adjustable beds belonged in hospitals and nursing homes, think again; these days, more and more people are experiencing first-hand the benefits of sleeping on a power foundation base. Those benefits include increased comfort, improved posture and an overall better night’s sleep than you’d get on a traditional mattress and box springs.

Whatever your age, a power foundation can help improve your overall health by combatting a variety of health issues and conditions, including acid reflux, back pain, muscle aches and breathing and circulation issues. With a power foundation, you control your comfort level and adjust your position as needed. Have a cold? Forget building yourself a mountain of pillows and simply adjust your mattress.

Power foundations are also perfect for couples whose sleeping preferences and positions vary. Instead of opting for a standard king-sized mattress and box springs, two twin extra-long power foundations, along with two extra-long mattresses, offer the size and intimacy of a king-sized bed with the ability to adjust each partner’s exact position for comfort. And with separate mattresses, you’ll instantly reduce the likelihood of disturbing your partner by moving around or getting up at night.

Forget what you used to think about adjustable beds; our new, modern power foundations offer you all the style of your traditional bed, while allowing you to turn your bedroom into a cozy entertainment center. Sitting up in bed to read or watch TV has never been easier; and when it’s time to catch some sleep, you’re just a few seconds away from your most comfortable position. We even carry many models that offer programmable presets, so you can let your bed remember all your favorite positions for you.

Still on the fence about a power foundation? Drop by any Mattress Dealzz store and try one out for yourself. We have more than 40 power foundation compatible mattress models available. We have it on good authority that once you experience the comfort and ease of a power foundation, sleep as you know it will never be the same!

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