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Even our Basic open coil models feature a sturdy 460 coil unit (460 coils in a queen size). Unlike other products in their class, we designed these models so you cannot feel the coils. We have placed a 1 inch compressed insulator pad on both the top and bottom of the coil unit to give these products a firm supportive feel. Most of our competitors’ starting products have a weaker 390 or less coil unit
with only a nylon mesh barrier to keep the thin quilt package from leaking down into the coil unit over time. They also offer only a 1-5 year pro-rated warranty which means if your mattress has an issue during the warranty period, you pay a pro-rated amount depending on how old the product is at the time of a warranty claim. If you are considering one of our competitors’ products in this class, check the warranty card and compare it against the warranty code on the law label to make sure it is a non pro-rated warranty. We offer a full 5 year non pro-rated warranty at a much lower price than our competitors. Our twin mattresses start at just $59.00.



Our Intermediate innerspring models all feature a 504 coil unit (504 in a queen size) with the top three models offering an enhanced edge support system. We have inserted edge cones in these three products providing an enhanced sleeping and sitting edge. This feature also keeps the product from generating any side-to-side motion and minimizes any coil noises. These products have high profiles simply because we prescribe more upholstery components, making them very impressive and also a great value.  These models feature both a full 7 and 10 year non pro-rated warranty and start at just $209.00 for a queen size set.

Our Premium innerspring models all feature a 650 posturized coil system (650 in a queen size) with a full 6 sided foam encasement. This alternating coil design helps reduce motion while the full foam encasement adds additional support for both sitting and sleeping. Full foam encasement is a feature other manufactures normally reserve for models over $500, $600 or even $700 dollars. We start this feature in a queen size set at $349.00. We also offer gel memory foam lumbar in all of these models, and a full sheet of gel memory foam in addition to the lumbar in the top model. These products all have a full 12 year non pro-rated warranty. Note: Most manufactures only offer a 1-10 year prorated warranty at this level.

Our Super Premium models feature a 650 posturized coil unit (650 in a queen size) with a full 6 sided foam encasement. These products all have Talalay latex lumbar panels, providing great support through the center third of the bed. This series also includes models with additional Talalay latex and gel memory foam to add enhanced comfort and support. These models feature an impressive full 12 year non pro-rated warranty with queen size sets that start at unbelievable values of $519.00.

Ultra Premium 

Our Ultra Premium or HD (heavy duty) models feature an amazing 12 1/2 gaudge coil unit and includes all the great features of our Super Premium products (6 sided foam encasement, Talalay latex panel and lumbar insert). In addition to Talalay Latex, we also use Omalon foam. Omalon foam is a patented foam that is designed to last two times longer than traditional foam products. The special properties of Omalon give it a luxurious feel that offers a high level of support, durability and comfort.

These products all have a full 15 year non pro-rated warrantyQueen sets start at just $829.00.

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