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MDZ  Comfort

Memory foam gel will conform to you! It will match your individual body shape and weight, conforming so that it matches your body where you need it most. These features make sure that you feel like you are not oonly sleeping "on" your matress but you are sleeping "in" your matress. It does all of this while allowing the very breathable foam to make sure that you body stays in the ideal temprature zone for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Best Value

With MDZ matresses you get the most for your money, you get a fair price for comfortable and supportive matresses. That's the value of MDZ Comfort Mattresses.

Optimal Support

Beneath the comforting upper layer lies the Polycore support system under layer. This layer of your mattress allows you to get the support you need to get the fullest night's rest that you can get. The Polycore foam resists compression allowing your body to fall into the alignment that you need to have the best night's sleep.